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Emilia it is a word that, on closer inspection, contains many.
It is the name of a woman, sweet and genuine as the Emilians know how to be.
It opens with the E which connects the earth and the sky and closes with the A, a round letter like an anolino.
It is land of great flavors and phenomenal inventions, land of arcades that join houses and doors, land of hills and endless plains.
There is everything in Emilia , and in this blog we tell you about it.

The exhibition “OPERA, the stage of the society” welcomes you with soft lights and the bright colours of the paintings…
The bond between Renata Tebaldi and Parma started off rather early.Although born in Pesaro on 1 February 1922, the future…
On the 7th of July at seven p.m. the challenge of FICO, the Italian Farming Factory born in 2017 on…
August 06, 2021

FICO reopens!

Conceived, according to his own words, between adventures of his father, a Garibaldian soldier, Arturo Alessandro Toscanini was born on…
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