The Library of Saint John the Evangelist and Palatina Library

A journey through the city's two historic libraries, so different but united by the cultural importance they held in the 16th and 18th centuries. Places of study and reflection that preserve ancient manuscripts and precious volumes, but also authentic caskets of art little known to the public to be rediscovered "with their noses up", letting themselves be guided among symbols and famous people.

In the Library of St. John the Evangelist, located in the silence of the Monastery of St. John the Evangelist, we will discover from the walls to the ceiling a real tangle of emblems and mottos, not easy to decipher today, which indicated to scholars the right way to Knowledge.

In the Palatine Library, located inside the Palazzo della Pilotta and built in 1761 by Don Filippo di Borbone with the help of Paolo Maria Paciaudi "Antiquary and Librarian", we will find a shining example of an Enlightenment-style library, created by the dukes for the benefit of the public.

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