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The Reggio Emilia territory is a chest filled with a precious food treasure: Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in the front line followed by a large number of other products.

Visiting a cheese dairy or a vinegar house opens the door to a marvelous world made up of ancient traditions and of a unique know how handed down from a generation to another during centuries.

Our guides know all the steps that lead to the creation of these local treasures and will be happy to share them with you

Moreover, to fully enjoy the tastes and flavors of the Reggio area, you cannot miss a snack or a meal based on these other specialties: erbazzone (sort of herb pie), scarpazzone (the mountain variant in which rice is added), salami with gnocco (local baked or fried focaccia), tortelli stuffed with herbs, pumpkin or potatoes, sweet and sour little onions from Boretto and a glass of local Lambrusco.

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It is well known that Parma with its 3 extraordinary PDOs (Parmigiano-Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma and Culatello di Zibello) is the heart of the foodvalley.

It is also known that since 2015 it has been named Unesco Creative City for Gastronomy. Therefore in the town cultural program for September an event related to food can not be missing.

"Gastronomic September" is a month of in-depth analysis on PDO Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma, pasta, tomato, milk with dairy products and anchovies. A widespread event that will involve the restaurateurs of the city, challenged to propose and reinvent dishes based on these excellences.

The debut will be marked Cibus OFF, an off-site event and a natural introduction to CIBUS, the international agri-food fair that returns to open its doors to Italian and foreign operators.

This gastronomic event will intertwine with musical and theatrical ones.

Dinners - shows, dances, the reopening of the Verdi Festival and the Parma City of Music project will offer a worthy setting for a Gastronomic September.

For those curious about food, an opportunity to investigate the special link between this territory, its people and its products joining our personalized food and wine tours.

Produced exclusively with fresh milk with no preservatives, it is the fruit of a thousand-year tradition. A tour of a cheese factory will let you discover Parmigiano Reggiano P.D.O., the creation, salting and spectacular refining of the wheels.

You cannot miss the final tasting. Our guides are A.P.R. ( Parmigiano Reggiano Certified Taster), thanks to their indications you will be able to appreciate the characteristics of the different maturing times and the use of the King of cheeses in cooking.



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