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The Tricolore or Italian Tricolour Flag first flapped on 7th January 1797.

Where? Right here, in the Tricolour Hall in Reggio Emilia.

For a city tired to be ruled by the Este Family, the young Napoleon and France represented shared ideals of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity.

Chased away the Este Duke, the local representatives gathered together with those of Modena, Bologna and Ferrara in a large hall where the flag of the Cispadan Republic was presented for the first time.

A kind of tribute to the French flag where blue gave way to green.

If you enter that place today, the so-called Sala del Tricolore (Tricolour Hall), you can still breathe the same atmosphere: full of energy, pride and passion for freedom

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The itinerary in the historic centre of Reggio Emilia winds its way through narrow streets, palaces and places of worship with magnificent architectures, such as the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine della Ghiara, which houses a fresco considered miraculous depicting the "Madonna adoring the Child". A church that is a true example of Emilian artistic production of the time, containing works by Alessandro Tiarini, Orazio Talami and Guercino.

The walk then leads to Piazza Grande, now called Prampolini, overlooked by the Cathedral of Reggio Emilia, where you can admire sculptures by Bartolomeo Spani and Prospero Sogari, the Baptistery and the Town Hall, which houses the prestigious and famous Sala del Tricolore (Tricolour Hall), now used as the Town Council Chamber.

Particularly striking and historically important is the Basilica di San Prospero, dedicated to the patron saint of the city. Inside you can admire a splendid cycle of frescoes by Camillo Procaccini dating back to the late 17th century and wooden stalls by Cristoforo and Lorenzo da Lendinara.


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