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A land of wind, sandy shores and pilgrims’ paths.

If you want to understand this territory, you have to follow the river.

The Rivalta Castle, the Travo Archeological Park, the Hunchback Bridge and the Saint Colombanus Abbey in Bobbio, they are all along the Trebbia River.

A fundamental junction for the medieval pilgrims who set out along the Abbots’ Way, an alternative way to the ‘classic’ Francigena to get to Rome.

A river that keeps telling us ancient stories and that offers, with its still clear and bathing waters, a full contact with nature.

If they were to shoot the Italian version of ‘Night at the Museum’, this would be the appropriate venue.  Rhinos, giraffes, lions, stuffed bears seem to be just waiting for the museum doors to be closed to come to life again.

The original nucleus of the Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia began, in fact, with the purchase of Lazzaro Spallanzani's naturalistic collection and expanded following different lines: historical, scientific, and artistic.

There is so much to see, including nineteenth-century and modern lay-outs, all the way to interactive spaces.

Two suggestions: let yourself be amazed by the barbaric Roman treasure and take your time to admire the section dedicated to the Reggio Emilia photographer Luigi Ghirri. Themes that are chronologically distant but representative of the history of Reggio Emilia.

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Known as the largest in Europe, the Franco Maria Ricci Labyrinth is also an amazing piece of architecture, designed by Pier Carlo Bontempi, and an unusual art collection, the result of the visionary dream of patron and publisher Franco Maria Ricci. The entire structure, container and content, is an expression of his personal taste.

An experience that would not be complete if we were not willing to challenge the bamboo corridors of the Labyrinth, a place where you lose yourself to find yourself again.

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