Have you ever thought about reaching for the stars with the person you love? It’s the opportunity for a unique and unforgettable gift: a guided walk in the historic centre after nightfall, when Parma reveals all its romantic charm. The Cathedral and the Baptistery, Piazza Garibaldi and the Regio Theatre have a thousand stories to tell behind closed doors, in the silence of the evening.

An itinerary of about 2 hours suitable for small groups and families among the main city parks, such as the Ducal Park and the Cittadella Park. The route will also touch the most important monuments of the city centre and places less known by tourists, such as the Church of Santa Croce in Oltretorrente and the Botanical Garden.

Known as the largest in Europe, the Franco Maria Ricci Labyrinth is also an amazing piece of architecture, designed by Pier Carlo Bontempi, and an unusual art collection, the result of the visionary dream of patron and publisher Franco Maria Ricci. The entire structure, container and content, is an expression of his personal taste.

An experience that would not be complete if we were not willing to challenge the bamboo corridors of the Labyrinth, a place where you lose yourself to find yourself again.

A guided walk dedicated to the most evocative views and perspectives of Parma, conceived both for citizens and tourists who love to take pictures in peace and quiet and at the same time wish to learn more about the many faces of the city.

The itinerary is customized and can be carried out at different times of the day, giving the possibility to capture always different lighting and atmospheres.

A visit suitable for groups and families that offers a glimpse of the quiet and placid landscape of the "Bassa", the area near the river Po, which is distinguished by the presence of beautiful castles and characteristic villages. Winter fog and summer heat are fundamental ingredients for some typical local products such as Culatello di Zibello and Spalla Cruda di Palasone and are part of the charm of this territory that has inspired musicians such as Giuseppe Verdi and writers such as Giovanni Guareschi.

A tour in close contact with nature, thanks to the presence of the main embankment that runs along the river bed and that is passable for long stretches.

Among the places not to be missed, included in our itineraries, are the Rocca di Fontanellato, the Rocca di Soragna, the Castle of Roccabianca, the Castle of San Secondo and the Labyrinth of Masone.

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