If you want to travel through time, you have to walk along these corridors.

A path from the Roman vestiges to the splendours of the Dukedom: this is the Estense Gallery of Modena.

It is just the marble portrait bust of Francesco I by Gian Lorenzo Bernini that welcomes us.

The Duke looks far away while the wind lifts up his cloak.

Thanks to the talent of Bernini it appears to be made of soft fabric. We forget that it is carved!

The Gallery houses also paintings and collector’s items. The musical instruments are amazing.

The carving decoration applied to violin making has incredible effects, almost exaggerated.

Stunning the famous Estense harp, made in 1581 and played in honour of Margherita Gonzaga by a female ensemble.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, De Tomaso : these names make the hearts of millions of people passionate about speed beat, fascinated by cars that have always been a real status symbol ... a mirage, for more, but since dreaming is a right, why not take a day to discover the territories where excellent mechanics originate? Itinera Emilia invites you to Modena, the capital of engines and a land where the thrill of speed and the charm of custom-built cars come together in a passion that has remained unchanged over time.

An itinerary can only begin near the historic center, in Largo Garibaldi, where there is the monument dedicated to Enzo Ferrari, founder of the mythical house of the prancing horse. Not far away, Viale Trento e Trieste hosted the first Ferrari workshop in the 1930s. In the city there are also two important private museums, the Stanguellini Historical Car Museum and above all the Car and vintage motorcycles Museum Umberto Panini , which presents one of the most complete collections of Maserati, a brand now controlled by Ferrari.

However, the place that most evokes the legend is Maranello, a center of production of extraordinary cars, and an obligatory arrival point of this route.
At the gates of the town is the Private Ferrari Track, test site for racing cars that will then whiz on the roads all over the world then you will meet the actual factory and finally the Galleria Ferrari , the goal of this pilgrimage dedicated to the myth-machine. In a crescendo of suggestions, thanks to models, trophies, films, the most exciting victories are relived, the most loved champions are remembered, one lets oneself go to the desire to fulfill a dream: to get behind the wheel of a "red". An innovative structure then completes the visit: the Wind tunnel , created by architect Renzo Piano in order to study aerodynamics.

And not far from Modena, in Sant’Agata Bolognese in the province of Bologna, it is possible to realize another dream: to see the birth of a Lamborghini! At the company you can visit the museum with historical models and be accompanied inside to see the assembly of a Gallardo or a Murcielago ...

This itinerary therefore intends to arouse enthusiasm, pay homage to a vibrant passion and, why not, leave an indelible trace imprinted in the memory of those who participate.

Itinera Emilia

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