Guided tours to Palaces and Castles outside the City

The Province of Parma is rich in Palaces and Castles located on the Padana plain and in the foothills and mountains of the Apennines.  Divided into the different areas, here are some suggestions for you peruse:

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Castles and Palaces of the Padana Plain

Fontanellato: a medieval moated castle, it houses the masterpiece of the young Parmigianino in the “small hall”.
Colorno: the “Little Versailles" of the dukes of Parma, the summer residence of the court, a delight built in the Rococo style.
Soragna:  transformed from a fortress into a palace by the Meli Lupi family whose decendants still live here; you can see rooms full of the furniture and furnishings of the era.
Roccabianca: one of the red brick castles of the Pier Maria family, built at the height of their prosperity and power.

Palace of Colorno

Castles and Palaces in the foothills

Torrechiara: an outstanding structure by any standard, sited on top of a hill, it is a spectacular sight which contains the famous Golden Chamber decorated in the second half of the 15th Century
Montechiarugolo:  this impressive castle built by the Torelli family  with precipitous towers and walls is believed to be haunted by a benevolent ghost.
Sala Baganza: this building is being beautifully and painstakingly restored, a fortified palace, this was the summer residence of the Dukes of Parma.
Villa Magnani-Rocca: a private residence this has become an important art gallery with works spanning the centuries from the1200s to 1900s (Durer, Titian, Rubens, Goya, Monet, Butters, Morandi et al).

Torrechiara Castle

Castles and Palaces of the Apennines

Bardi:  situated high in the Apennines near to Parma, resting on a spur of red rock, the strength of medieval Bardi and Landi families can still be seen today. With advanced booking it is possible to take part in period costume activities.
Compiano: another castle owned by the Landi Family, built around the 13th century, it is distinguished by its round towers, and is a sign of the evolution of military architecture of the period.

For further information please contact:
Tel. +39 327 7469902

Or book this tour online now.

Book this tour online now.

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